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Dental Clinic Manager, July 2007
July 14, 2007

July 2007 Newsletter


I hope you and your family had a safe and wonderful 4th of July holiday! During the summer months, because people attend many outdoor events, most of which involve consuming various foods and drinks, it is very important that we remember to practice good oral hygiene care. There are several good dental travel kits on the market to help us in this end.

This issue of The Dental Clinic Manager Newsletter covers:

  • Becoming a Dental Patient at a School
  • Overcoming Dental Fears
  • The Concept of Prevention in Dentistry

With each issue, you will also find links to pages which offer savings on hundreds of items, including dental products. The next issue will cover Dental Treatment Planning, The Effects of Smoking on Oral Health, and for prospective college students, offers tips for writing a college admissions essay. So, let your family and friends know about the Dental Clinic Manager Newsletter by forwarding them a copy!

Wishing you well with your dental needs,
The Dental Clinic Manager

Becoming a Dental Patient at a College or University

Are you considering becoming a dental patient of a local college or university? Well, from experience, the month of July is not a good time to make that commitment. This is because all of the senior dental students have just graduated, having transferred a good volume of patients to the junior class of dental students who were already treating a significant number of patients. This junior class of dental students may now be trying to juggle a patient roster that has increased significantly (in some cases, twice as much).

Because of the increase in patient rosters, as well as upcoming summer break,an appointment will not be easy to get and if you choose to begin any major work at this time, you may not see any results until Fall or early Winter. So, unless your dental work is very minor in nature,(a general cleaning or minor filling) or you have a dental emergency, are looking to save money, are comfortable with having your work performed by a dental student entering into their junior year, why not consider waiting until around the end of September, early October to become a patient of a dental school. Allow time for the new senior set of dental students to complete some of their current caseloads and the incoming junior dental students the opportunity to get some clinic experience. In this way, you will not find yourself waiting endlessly for your dental work to be completed or feel as if you are being treated as an experiment for a student just entering into the clinical phase of their education.

Overcoming Dental Fears

Do you have a fear of dentists? Many patients suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, especially when it is time to see the dentist. You are not alone and for many of us, the problem is so severe that it often takes a dental emergency for us to see a dentist. Fortunately, there is help for many of us suffering from this type of dental fear. Learn some of the methods and techniques being used to help patents who suffer from dental plan. So, look for dental plans that not only offer ample allowances for dental procedures, but also focus on preventive care.

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  • Free Dental Work Opportunities - view events as advertised by Dental Schools around the nation: Recent Events
  • Share your dental experiences, post info about a free dental event: Shout Out!
  • Coupons Database - Find hundreds of money saving coupon codes from online merchants.

  • Funding your Education

    Are you or someone you know looking to have a career in dentistry? If so, be certain to begin the process of funding your education as soon as possible. One must have resource is The Scholarship and Grant Guide. This is America's #1 Online Scholarship Guide since 1997. Use it and receive three free scholarship reports including never-before-published lists of Guaranteed Scholarships!

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