Dental and Health Insurance Plans

dental and health insurance plans

In many instances, combined dental and health insurance plans provide an effective and comprehensive method of full body protection. For instance, a procedure that is not covered by a dental insurance carrier is covered under the medical portion of the plan.

While medical insurance covers expenses associated with diagnosis and treatment of illnesses, dental coverage is designed to provide preventive treatment of the mouth. Consolidating both types of plans strengthens your overall coverage. For example, diagnosis of an oral disease, such as cancer, allows for delineation as to which policy covers the examination and which covers treatment. This way, you are not paying twice for the same diagnosis. This is particularly true with Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans.

HMOs offer prepaid dental and health services within a network. The advantages of a combined dental and health insurance plan is that a patient can be seen by a physician or dentist, when necessary. A disadvantage may be the restrictions, including a patient's choice of a health care provider. In practically every instance, patients are required to use the services provided within the network and, are penalized by having to pay the costs, if they go outside the network.

Another reason it is beneficial to have a combined plan is because people may experience symptoms that may seem dental related, but a diagnosis reveals that it medical. For example, halitosis (bad breath), may not be due to improper cleaning of the teeth. Its cause may be related to a stomach disorder, in which case a dentist would refer the patient to a doctor for medical followup and treatment.

It's important to understand your needs when reviewing dental and health insurance plans. Think ahead and project what you and your families needs may be in terms of the what your future needs will be. In a few years, you may be prone to gum disease, cracked teeth, or gum recession, and you want the plan that you choose to meet those needs. Having a comprehensive dental and health insurance plan is definitely a smart move as we grow older in life.

Overall, its often best to have a combined dental and health plan package. The policies offer flexibility which fits into all sorts of arrangements. It may even offer customization of your dental and medical needs, having only products that are useful for you and your family.

Having comprehensive health and dental coverage is your best bet against medical or dental problems that could occur at any time. A combined plan is often less costly than separate medical and dental insurance coverages. It is also a safeguard against accidents or other events that can happen through everyday living. In today's world, it is simply too risky to go without, if given the opportunity.

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