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The Dental Clinic Manager Newsletter, December 2007
December 13, 2007

December 2007 Newsletter


Happy Holidays from the Dental Clinic Manager!

This issue of The Dental Clinic Manager Newsletter discusses:

  • Dental Emergencies
  • Teeth Whitening Options
  • Low Cost Dental Implants

With each issue, you will also find links to pages which offer savings on hundreds of items, including dental products. The next issue will cover Dental School Events, Patient Experiences and Using Credit Cards to Pay for Dental Care. So, let your family and friends know about the Dental Clinic Manager Newsletter by forwarding them a copy!

Wishing you well with your dental needs,
The Dental Clinic Manager

Dental Emergencies

As you go about the hustle and bustle of this Holiday Season, don't forget to practice good oral hygiene. Kids on vacation and many of us taking time off from our jobs during the season tend to slack off as we become quite busy visiting family, friends and loved ones. But, remember, there are many portable products on the market to help keep our teeth and gums healthy during this busy time of the year. Also, the holiday season is prone to people having dental emergencies and finding a dentist who can tend to an emergency during this period may be a little difficult. But there are some ways to handle tooth pain and emergencies until you are able to be treated. Check out the most common dental emergencies, as well as recommended treatment care.

Teeth Whitening Products

Are you considering a teeth whitening procedure? Did you know that although it can produce dramatic improvements in the cosmetic appearance of stained teeth, there are some stains that do not respond to the bleaching process. In this case, a prolonged tooth whitener procedure may be required in order for the whitener to reach the dentin layer. But, the risk of prolonged tooth whitening is white-spot decalcification. Learn more about the different methods and determine which is best for you: Teeth Whitening

Low Cost Dental Implants

While there are several types of dental implants, the most widely accepted and successful is the osseointegrated implant. Learn more about the different types of dental implants, what is involved in the actual procedure and ways to afford this procedure that is giving hope to millions of individuals who have lost their teeth.

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Helpful Links

  • Free Dental Work Opportunities - view events as advertised by Dental Schools around the nation: Recent Events
  • Share your dental experiences, post info about a free dental event: Shout Out!
  • In addition to scholarships, loans, grants and credit card resources, learn about a way to create extra income to pay for dental work or a dental college education.
  • Coupons Database - Find hundreds of money saving coupon codes from online merchants.


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