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SBI - not only an acronym for a great system, but it could also stand for college Students Being Innovative - learn more about this great SiteSell system and how it is helping many individuals realize their dreams.

Imagine the Possibilities

  • What if, in addition to scholarships, grants and loans, you had a way to build your own stream of steady income to help pay dental school? Just Imagine.
  • What if there were a website that "talks" about your passions - be it baseball, playing the piano, writing poetry, gardening, or even an autobiographical website which takes people on your personal journey of becoming a dental professional and have seen by thousands of people who love what you have to say? Just Imagine.
  • What if, as a dental student, you had a website designed to help you find the perfect patient type for clinic exams? For many students, this can be a difficult part of the dental school experience. Having a website that "collects" potential patients for you is an asset. Just Imagine.
  • As a graduating student with a website, you can use it to further build your practice and increase your pool of patients. Hundreds of patients have come to know you through your days as a student and can potentially become your private patient because of you having treated them. They become honest testimonials for your site. Your site may also contains videos of you performing dental procedures, before and after photos and you consistently provide content that is well written and important to people. Just Imagine.

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Talk about no pressure advertising or having to paying someone a lot of money to market you and your practice. For goodness sake, you have over $200,000 in loans you need to pay back! Not to mention, the money you just dished out upgrading your new dental clinic.

Even after becoming licensed and you wish to hire someone to handle the marketing of the practice, at the very least, you would be fully knowledgeable about how to get traffic to your website and know how to presell your business. Just Imagine.

Dr. Burch
John Birch, DDS

Dental Case Study #1

Some dental patients have been known to travel hundreds of miles to be treated by a dentist. Why is that? For one thing, these dentists are very good at marketing both their practices and their skills. One such dentist is s Dr. John Burch, who practices in Mountain View, California.

Dental Case Study #2

While doing research on the web for the Dental Clinic Manager website, I realized that there are only a handful of dentists using the web in a way that attracts patients - through both website content and video. In the video below, Dr. Jerry Gordon of, discusses and illustrates an endo procedure online. Note: This video may be considered graphic and parents are advised that its not recommended to be viewed by young children.

Dr. Jerry Gordon

Dentists like Dr. Burch and Dr. Gordon know what it takes to stay ahead and because they are a small few, in a high demand setting, and are reaping the rewards big time. Wouldn't you like to be as successful? If you are truly interested and want to build a viable pool of dental patients, consider using the same tools and resources provided to Dr. Burch and myself. While other dentists may be paying someone lots of money to stay ahead, there is a way for you to do exactly what they do, for significantly less money.

Site Build It

In 2007, I purchased Site Build It (SBI) and was immediately impressed with the ability to learn about website building through the use of video. Like most people, I am a visual learner and hate reading lots of lengthy documents. The SBI video Action Guide solved this problem. It literally took me on a guided step by step road to website development - from choosing a topic, analyzing keywords to building web pages for both human and search engine consumption, and more.

SBI provided exactly what I needed. I knew my topic would be about dentistry. Initially, I focused on the needs of the patient, providing information to help educate and manage costs. Then, I decided to also include a section for people who wanted to study dentistry. Having enjoyed working for over 10 years in an environment which helped both - it seemed only natural. SBI showed me how to take the passion of my work experience and make my topic profitable at the same time.

Site Build It is more than a web hosting service. Its a system designed to help with every aspect of getting the search engines to recognize and list your website. The audience is then pulled in to read all of your wonderful content. The "average" person, without tech experience really can and do outperform "savvy" pro Webmasters using the SBI system. Here is certified proof.

There are additional SBI Case Studies and videos for you to review. Everyone from work at home moms, people currently owning or starting a business, and retirees looking for a hobby, and other students, are benefiting financially from the SBI system. Even young adults like Nori, who created a website based upon a family vacation, receives a substantial amount of money each month. And since her dad is the President of SBI, I would assume she's not hurting for cash. But, she took a trip, developed a passion, and turned that passion into income.

I invite you to take the SBI 30 minute Tour. If your in a hurry, take the 2 minute Tour below. I guarantee it will be one of the best investments you make for your time. I absolutely guarantee it! So don't just imagine - LIVE the possibilities!

Wishing you much success,

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