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The Dental Clinic Manager Newsletter, March 2008
March 06, 2008

March 2008 Newsletter


This issue of The Dental Clinic Manager Newsletter discusses:

  • Dental Careers
  • Applying to Dental School
  • Financing a Dental Education

With each issue, you will also find links to pages which offer savings on hundreds of items, including dental products. The next issue will cover Dental Research Opportunities, Comparing Online Dental Plans and Savings Portals. So, let your family and friends know about the Dental Clinic Manager Newsletter by forwarding them a copy!

Wishing you well with your dental needs,
The Dental Clinic Manager

Dental Careers

There are several careers in dentistry which offer an abundance of satisfaction. While each career area is unique, as a team, each provides excellence when it comes to administering the oral health care needs to a general public population. As an adult, choosing a career is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. The information on this page is designed to help you explore careers in dentistry: Careers in Dentistry. If you already know which area of dentistry interests you, learn the steps to making your dreams a reality:

Applying to Dental School

After you have reviewed the different dental careers and decide that a career is dentistry is what you want, begin the necessary planning. If you are an international student who wants to study dentistry in the US, get information here.

Financing a Dental Education

One major concern of individuals pursuing a dental career is the cost. The average debt of a new dental graduate is about six months the average net income of dentists in the US. But, while a dental education can be expensive, it is within the reach of people from all economic backgrounds. Learn more.

Featured Article

What if you had a way to build your own stream of steady income to help pay for college? What if there were a website that "talks" about your passions - even an autobiographical website which takes people on your personal journey of becoming a dentist, dental hygienist, etc., and have it be seen by thousands of individuals who love what you have to say?

If your chosen career is dentistry, what if you had a website designed to help you meet with, examine and treat patients for license examinations? For many students, this is the most difficult part of dental school. But having a website that "collects" potential patients for you could be your "secret weapon" and also be used to promote your dental practice and increase your pool of patients? Talk about no pressure advertising or having to paying someone a lot of money to market you and your practice! Even after becoming licensed and you desire to hire a webmaster, at the very least, you would:

  • be fully knowledgeable about how to get traffic to your website
  • know how to presell your business and
  • have patients clamor to be treated by you

Read about one such successful dentist, Dr. John Burch, who practices in Mountain View, California. Learn how to be on the front lines - build a viable pool of dental patients using the same tools and resources given to both me and Dr. Burch.

Helpful Links

  • Free Dental Work Opportunities - view events as advertised by Dental Schools around the nation: Recent Events
  • Share your dental experiences, post info about a free dental event: Shout Out!
  • In addition to scholarships, loans, grants and credit card resources, learn about a way to create extra income to pay for dental work or a dental college education.
  • Coupons Database - Find hundreds of money saving coupon codes from online merchants.


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