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The Scholarship and Grant Guide

It's no secret that for decades, the cost of a college education has skyrocketed and continues to grow. Some of the facts related to this "college cost crisis" include:

  • The cost of a college education has significantly, in the past few decades, out-paced the rate of the growth in family income and during the 1990's, the cost of a college education increased over three times as fast as the median family income.
  • According to the College Board and the Census Bureau, the cost of an education at a four year public university increased by 202% over the last 22 years, while the Consumer Price Index has gone up only 80%.
  • Tuition and fees at a public university for the academic year 2006-2007 was over $6,000 - an increase of 7.1 % in a single year. The average tuition and fees at a private university was over $22,000 - a 5.8% increase over the 2005-2006 academic year!

As the costs of a college education continues to explode, students and their families continue to struggle. Anyone who dreams of career in dentistry is also affected by this problem. There appears to be no end in sight for this price-hiking tuition madness and because a dental education is an absolute essential step towards financial success, many will face the same difficulties when it comes to paying the school tuition and fees. Some will use high interest credit cards and take out student loans in order to pay for your dental education. Others may choose to give up their dreams of becoming a dentist or dental hygienist. But before you resort to these types of drastic measures, please realize that there are resources to help you locate FREE MONEY FOR COLLEGE in the form of scholarships and grants for dental school!

One resource is The Scholarship & Grant Guide. The Scholarship & Grant Guide is the fastest resource ever created to find FREE MONEY from scholarships and grants for dental school. Millions upon millions of dollars is given away in the form of scholarships and grants. All of this money is sitting there... waiting for someone to claim it.

While there are a lot of "free" scholarship searches on the web, what makes The Scholarship & Grant Guide unique is the fact that they provide the best services around. Similar to the consumer focused magazine, "Consumer Reports", The Scholarship & Grant Guide provides you, the consumer with the best of the best scholarships available. "Consumer Reports" provides its readers with unbiased product ratings, product reviews, and buying guides. They also announce product safety recalls and gives the consumer top-notch buying information from the experts. Their mission is test products, inform the public and protect consumers. Equipped with one of the largest nonprofit educational and consumer-product testing center in the world, they test and rate products in 50 state-of-the-art labs. Thousands of hours are spent each month on research and reporting findingsā€¦ recommending the best products, and warning consumers about the worst. With this same thought in mind, The Scholarship & Grant Guide can be thought of as a "Consumer Reports for Scholarships".

The main mission of the Scholarship & Grant Guide is to peruse every scholarship database on the planet and rate it according to accuracy, relativity, and helpfulness. This information is then built into an easy-to-use, "User's Interface" that provides step by step guidance through the process of matching you with relevant scholarships, eliminating hours and hours of searching on your own. The Scholarship & Grant Guide is one tool to use to find the best of the best scholarships and grants for dental school.

Since 1997, the Scholarship & Grant Guide has been the #1 online resource for locating educational funding. The Scholarship & Grant Guide is not just a single search database. In fact, there are over 40 scholarship databases in the guide! They rate and review all the scholarship databases on the Internet to find the most valuable, accurate, and relevant scholarship databases on the planet. In this way, you can just search, sort, and have a compiled list of relevant information, eliminating the hundreds of wasteful websites with useless information. Their databases are updated an average of 7.8 times per month, making it one of the best resources to find FREE money in the form of scholarships and grants for dental school.

In addition to locating scholarships and grants for dental school, The Scholarship & Grant Guide is a powerful resource that can be used by anyone, including:

  • high school students
  • college students
  • minority students
  • foreign students
  • graduate students
  • adults returning to school
  • People looking to study abroad
  • Individuals taking online courses
  • Anyone researching financial resources for college

The Scholarship amp; Grant Guide can help no matter what your situation. If there is a scholarship for you, this guide will find it! For anyone who is truly interested in pursuing a dental career, it is the most complete and amazing tool for finding free money for dental school ever invented... and it works.

Are You Owed Money & Don't Know It?

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In addition to you owning one of the most comprehensive locaters of scholarship and grants for dental schools on the web, for a limited time, you can also receive the following:

  • 3 Hours of Personal Scholarship Consultation and 4 Ebooks entitled:
  • "How-To-Win Scholarships" - is an eBook designed to guide you through the scholarship application process. It contains advice which focuses on such key topics as recognizing and picking the best scholarship(s), writing an award-winning scholarship essay, impressing the scholarship selection committee, etc.;
  • "Hard-To-Find Scholarships" - is an eBook which provides information on those hard to find scholarships, as well as lists GUARANTEED Scholarships;
  • "The INDISPENSABLE Financial Aid Encyclopedia" - an eBook that provides consumer information related to the cost of a college, as well as the role of government in providing assistance. There is also information on State pre-paid tuition programs and savings programs for college. Another valuable resource to help defray some of the costs of a college education;
  • "The MUST-HAVE Financial Aid Glossary" - Understanding such terms as FAFSA, FFELP, LEAP, Title IV, TOEFL, LOA, CASHE, CLEP, CSS, EFC, EIC, FAA, IM, NMSQT, PLUS, SAR or FAO can actually provide you with an advantage over other students.

Learn more about this powerful system, read the testimonials, and give it a try. Even more amazing, you have 8 EIGHT full weeks to use The Scholarship amp; Grant Guide. If you find during this period that you are not totally satisfied, They offer to give you Your Money Back! So there is really nothing to lose and a lot to gain in terms of finding grants for dental school. Don't delay - get your scholarship and grants for dental school today!

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