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The Dental Patient

Dental Clinic Manager Homepage - Free and low cost dental care information.

Free Dental Work - Resources and methods to use and get free dental work.

Discounted Dental Plans - Discounted dental plans help lower the price of dental fees.

Dental School Events - Free dental clinics in your area!

Dental Patient Guide - Receiving treatment at a dental school? This guides for you.

Dentist Fear (Dental Phobia) - Learn ways to overcome your fear of the dentist.

Dental Referral Services - How to find a dentist or specialist.

Search for a Dentist The Right Way - Things to consider when selecting a dentist.

Dentist Complaint Process - Understand your rights as a dental patient.

Handling Tooth Pain and other Dental Injuries - How to save your tooth in an emergency.

List of Dental Schools - Dental Schools that provide free or lowcost dental care.

Dental Information - Communicating better with your dentist.

Dental Photos and Videos - View dental procedures online.

OSHA Safety Guidelines - Is your dentist in violation?

Dental Health and Diets - Cut the calories and save your teeth.

Dental Samples and Coupons - Dental products for little or no cost. Try before you buy!

Dental Kits - Portable dental products for those on the go.

Dental Products Store - Courtesy of Get the latest info and best deals.

The Dental Blog - Stay up-to-date with website news and announcements.

Newsletter Signup - Receive inside info and tips on free dental work resources.

Dental Insurance and Dental Plans

Aetna Dental Access
Aetna Dental Access offers discounts of 15-50% on general dentistry, cleanings, root canal therapy, dental crowns, x-rays and dental fillings.

Aetna Dental Insurance
Affordable dental insurance for you and your family.

Aetna Dental PPO
What exactly is a PPO?

Affordable Dental Insurance
Compare over 30+ affordable dental insurance plans in this dental network.

Affordable Dental Plan
It's not just the dollar amount of an affordable dental plan that's important.

Family Dental Care
There are several affordable family dental care plans to help families maintain good oral health.

Medical and Dental Insurance
Is a combined health and dental plan better?

The Best Dental Plans
Which plans are considered the best for consumers?

Affordable Dental
As dental costs continues to rise, dental plans are helping to ease the financial burden.

Cheap Dental Insurance
Consider your options to save when shopping for a dental insurance policy.

Paying for Cosmetic Dentistry
Considering a loan for your dental work? Shop around for the best rates.

Dental Credit Cards
Some cards are good for managing dental bills

Dental and Health Insurance Plans
Dental and health insurance plans can be combined to save on both dental and medical costs.

Dental Discount Plan
This table shows reduced dental fees for procedures offered by the dental discount plan Aetna Dental Access®.

Dental Discount Plans
Dental discount plans are available to everyone, including employees of large and small companies looking to save substantially on dental treatment.

Dental Insurance
Buying dental insurance online is as easy as purchasing one through an employer.

Dental Health Plans
These tools can help you get started with finding affordable dental health plans.

Dental Health Insurance Plan
Consolidated dental health insurance plans can be great - if you can find one.

Discount Dental Plans
Discount dental plans do not have annual limits and can be used as often as needed. Many are as low as $79.95 annually.

Full Coverage Dental Insurance continues to grow as one of the top providers for full coverage dental insurance.

Full Coverage Dental Plans
Whether you are self employed, a single individual, student or senior, full coverage dental plans makes dental treatment affordable.

Individual Dental Coverage
There are many individual dental coverage plans that offer affordability, flexibility and other bonus coverages.

Individual Dental Insurance Plans
Individual dental insurance plans are just as affordable as family or group dental plans.

Individual Dental Insurance
How dental networks are helping to make individual dental insurance more affordable.

Inexpensive Dental Insurance
Finding inexpensive dental insurance has never been more easy.

Dental Insurance Quotes
These are a few of the "top ranking" web results for insurance quotes for dental insurance.

Low Cost Dental Insurance
Following an injury, I needed extensive dental work done. A search online for low cost dental insurance lead me to this one.

Low Cost Dental Plans
No longer are we at the mercy of dental insurance companies.

Dental Procedures

Dental Procedures
Learn about various procedures, as well as their advantages, disadvantages and alternatives.

Dental Cavities
Some cavities develop by a dentist using an explorer! Understand how a cavity forms and read about the latest development to reverse this problem.

Dental Bridge Info
Nearly everyone who has one or more missing teeth is a good candidate for a fixed dental bridge.

Dental Sealants
Dental sealants act as a barrier to decay and dental plaque and in many cases provide 100 percent protection against dental cavities.

Root Canal Therapy
Root canals are normally performed when the tooth has enough structure. In some instances, a crown may not be needed.

Wisdom Tooth Extraction
When a wisdom tooth is pulled, it should be done in a way that preserves as much of your tooth structure as possible.

Cosmetic Dental Makeover
There is a direct correlation between people wanting to look young and the increase of cosmetic dental makeovers.

Dental Reconstruction
Dental reconstruction such as contour shaping involves the removal of small amounts of tooth enamel in order to change the length, shape or surface condition of a tooth.

Dental Bonding
Dental bonding is a dental alternative sometimes used for structural and cosmetic purposes.

Low Cost Dental Implants
Dental schools are the #1 source for finding low cost dental implants and other free dental work.

Dental Implant Types
Each dental implant is designed for a specific function. Most are made of titanium, an inert metal proven to be effective at fusing with living bone.

Dental Implant Procedure
A dental implant procedure often involves these two surgical procedures.

Dental Implant Problems
Many dental implant problems are related to an implants inability to osseointegrate correctly.

Dental Mouth Guards
Dental mouth guards limits the risk of mouth-related injuries to the lips, tongue, and soft tissues of the mouth.

Cost of Dental Implants
While the cost of dental implants can run as high as $4,000 per tooth, there is a way to find dental implant prices that are well below this rate.

Dental Implant Average Cost
One of the greatest achievements with in dentistry is repairing the problem of missing teeth using dental implants.

Teeth Whitener Systems: Chairside, Gel and Strip Systems
A Teeth whitener procedure is the most common cosmetic dentistry procedure. It significantly improves the appearance of teeth for less cost than other cosmetic procedures.

Dental Flipper
Using a dental flipper is a great alternative to replacing a missing tooth and the costs are nominal.

Dental Bone Graft for a Dental Implant
A dental bone graft is a procedure is performed to reverse the bone loss or destruction caused by periodontal disease, trauma, or ill fitting removabable appliances.

Inlays and Onlays - A  Cosmetic Procedure Alternative
Dental inlays and onlays can be thought of as dental procedures that are midway between a dental filling and a dental crown.

Low Cost Dental Implant
Many dental implants are made of titanium, an inert metal proven to be effective at fusing with living bone.

Dental Crown Problems
A dental crown is one of the most expensive ways to achieve whiter teeth, but dental crown problems can often arise due to these conditions.

Dental Orthodontics
Following treatment, patients will often wear retainers to maintain the newly position teeth.

Dental Retainer Purposes
Some doctors will prescribe a fixed dental retainer, especially when a significant change occurs in the bite and there is a high risk for reversal.

Dental Apicoectomy
An apicoectomy involves cutting and lifting the gum away from the tooth to make access to the root.

Dental Bridge Info
Are you a candidate for dental bridge work?

Complete and Partial Dentures
Complete Dentures are artificial teeth designed for patients who have lost all of their real teeth. Partial Dentures are for patients who are missing

Dental Bridge Work
Prevent the collapse of facial features that can cause premature wrinkles and age lines

Dental Crowns
Review the specific details of the process and how to handle a broken crown.

Porcelin Veneers and Composite Veneers
Porcelin veneers can resist staining associated with coffee, tea or smoking. Porcelain veneers typically last 10 - 15 years and is one of the most expensive cosmetic dentistry procedures on the market.

Dental Braces Care - What Not To Eat
Your teeth are beautiful - Learn how to safeguard your investment.

Dental Deep Cleaning
The amount of time needed for a dental deep cleaning depends on such factors as the amount of plaque involved and your overall gingival health.

After Dental Surgery 
Following after dental surgery care instructions may be the difference between completing your dental treatment or prolonging it.

Fighting Oral Cancer
Oral cancer claims one life every hour in the U.S. - and it is of great concern to many dental practices.

Bad Breath
Bad Breath may be a sign of halitosis.  Try these at home strategies to help you combat this condition.

Treating Gum Disease
Treating gum disease with this product has been shown to be very effective

The Snap on Smile
An Affordable Dental Solution For Imperfect Tooth

Patient Submissions

We recently added this feature that allows our readers to submit personal stories and comments on such topics as free oral health care events, comments about a private provider or school clinic/student, suggestions for dealing with the anxiety associated with treatment and more.

Need Dental Work
Submissions by patients who need dental work can be found here.

Dental Clinic Experiences
These are dental clinic experiences as submitted from actual patients of dental school clinics.

Private Dentist Experiences
These are private dentist experiences as submitted from actual patients.

Dental Phobia Option - EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a leading edge Energy Psychology approach that can quickly relieve dental phobias, anxiety and stress. My

Links to Research Project Pages of Dental Schools
University of Alabama at Birmingham School of Dentistry University of California-Los Angeles School of Dentistry University of the Pacific, Arthur

Volunteer for Clinical Research Trials
Meharry Medical College School of DentistryMeharry Medical College School of Dentistry is looking for volunteers to serve as possible participants in

Dry Mouth Study
University of Minnesota School of DentistryEligible participants can earn $25 helping to find the cause of SJOGREN S SYNDROME -- a common autoimmune

Gum Disease Study
University of Michigan School of DentistryUniversity of Michigan School of Dentistry is looking for volunteers for a research study on periodontitis

Patients who need Regular Cleanings or have Gum Disease
University of Michigan School of DentistryThe University of Michigan School of Dentistry is looking for healthy individuals who need regular dental

Smoking and Exercise Study
Harvard School of Dental Medicine - Stop Smoking through Exercise and Patch Research StudyHarvard School of Dental Medicine is conducting a study to

Research Study - Mouthsores
University of Connecticut - Mouthsores Study Cyclooxygenase-2 Inhibition in Radiation-induced Oral MucositisThe University of Connecticut is

Research Study - TMJ
University of Connecticut - TMJ StudyIf you have TMJ Problems, the University of Connecticut is conducting a 6 Week Treatment study for male and

Research Study - Canker Sore Study
University of Connecticut - Canker Sore StudyIf you get canker sores three or more times a year, you may be eligible to take part in a clinical

Research Study - Dental Implants and Bone Health Study
University of Connecticut - Implant and Bone Health StudyAre you a woman between the ages of 55 & 80? Have you been diagnosed with osteopenia or

Clinical Research Trials
University of Maryland Dental School is offering the following Clinical Research Trials: Toothpaste Study - Do you have gingivitis? Are you between

Implants, Crowns, TMJ Studies
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill is conducting the following studies in TMJ, post Jaw Surgery, Molars and Tooth Replacement. See

Careers in Dentistry

Careers in Dentistry
Whether you are looking to become a dentist, a dental hygienist, a dental assistant or technician, a careers in dentistry offer flexibility, personal growth and personal satisfaction.

Toefl for International Students
Kaplan offers a TOEFL program and placement center to help students who live outside the United States.

Dental School Career
Dental School enrollment has been on the increase, a result of Americans' obsession with their pearly whites.

Preparing for Dentist School
Dentist school offers many rewarding career options. The field of dentistry is always on the cutting edge of advanced technology, making the practice

List of Dentist Schools
List of Dentist Schools in the United States and Canada

Dental Hygienist Careers
Dental Hygienist Career Information

Dental Assistant Careers
Information on Dental Assistant Careers

Dental Lab Technician Careers
Dental Lab Technicians can find well paid positions in commercial laboratories, become department heads in larger laboratories, or potentially own the

Dental Hygienist Career
Dental hygienist career provides services that are needed and valued. There is currently a great demand for dental hygienists and employment opportuni

Dental Assistant Jobs: A Career with Great Rewards
Dental assistant jobs are one of the most diverse of all positions in a dental setting. It is challenging and rewarding, demanding versatility and a w

Dental Technician Career
An experienced dental technician can work in commercial laboratories or choose to be self-employed, operating their own dental laboratories.

Online College Scholarships
A member of the BBB, this online college scholarship service has been endorsed by Sallie Mae, Kaplan, and Yahoo! Education.

Low Income School Grants
Resources to low income school grants. Get help with the process of finding and applying for Scholarship Grants. The pressure is on and the competitio

College Loans
While college loans can be a relief to have assistance with paying for the cost of college, for some of us, it may turn into a nightmare unfolded.

Black Student Scholarships
Black student scholarships are readily available, especially in those fields historically dominated by white males.

Grants for College
The FAFSA is your source for grants for college.

Grants for Dental School
Free Money Scholarships and Grants for Dental School!

USA Scholarship Services
One of many USA Scholarship Services, this company offers an award-winning matching technology and access to a scholarship database of over 2.4 milli

Federal Student Loans: PLUS Loan
Apply for the Federal Student Loans for Graduate Students PLUS Loan by first completing the FAFSA.

Free Application for Scholarship Awards
In order to be considered for the free application for scholarship awards, it is mandated by law that all males ages between the ages of 18 and 25, re

Private Student Loans for College
Private student loans allow families to get access to funds very quickly, in some cases, a matter of days.

SBI - college students source fo additional education funding
SBI is the best income opportunity resource for college students - see how.

Dental Books
Get your dental books from Kaplan - the leader provider of lifelong education.

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