23 Extractions and Dentures

I am 52 years old and disabled. I have had a medical problem that has resulted in all my teeth needing to be pulled out. The doctors are worried that the infections may cause problems with the surgery that I just had in October 3, 2009.

I have seen a dentist under my doctor's recommendation and he agreed with my doctor about the infection and noted that all my teeth need to come out. He sent me to an Oral Surgeon today and after visiting with him, I need all my teeth pulled and two dental implants need to be done on the bottom for ease of bottom Denture security.

This comes with a cost of $9,550.00, that I can not afford at all. I am disabled. I do have medicare Part A and B, but they told me that Medicare doesn't cover dental. I also have some insurance through my husband's work. Talking with the lady at the Oral Surgeon office I can only use my insurance either with them or for the Dentures. She recommended me to use my insurance for the Dentures since it would hardly cover their cost.

So here I am recovering from a surgery and afraid that the infection that I have may cause problems with my medical issues as well. The pain alone is hard to bare. I am taking antibiotics now that the Dentist prescribed for me. I need help! I left the Oral Surgeon office crying, I don't know what to do.

Peggy McCormack

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