Full Coverage Dental Insurance

When you have full coverage dental insurance, you are covered for practically any type of dental procedure. This includes preventive dental procedures such as x-ray, cleanings, examinations; general dentistry procedures (fillings, sealants, simple extractions); specialized procedures (root canals, crowns, fixed bridges, orthodontic braces); and cosmetic procedures (implants, invisalign braces, veneers, teeth whitening procedures). It is whether cosmetic or other elective procedures is covered, that determines whether the dental insurance would be considered a full coverage plan.

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For the most part, it was only thru conventional dental insurance plans that you could receive this type of large scope coverage. Fortunately, this no longer the case.

Today, we have dental networks offering some of the best regional and national dental coverage plans. Not only do these plans have preventive and general procedures as part of their coverages, but many of them are including affordable plans that include specialized and cosmetic dentistry procedures as well.

Some plans, such as Uni-Care 200 or Dental Care Advantage even go so far as to include prescription drugs, vision, chiropractic treatment and hearing devices discounts as well. No longer are we forced to rely on conventional insurance plans that were only affordable when it was through an employee. We now have the flexibility to compare over 30 affordable plans and join one to receive discounts ranging from 10 to 60 percent on whatever types of dental work we need.

Below are just a few of the low cost dental insurance plans which offer dental discounts on procedures which go beyond the basic and preventive scope of care, without any additional costs. Finally, lots of choices to receive full coverage dental insurance!

Prescription Drugs and Vision

Avia Dental Plan, CignaPlus Savings

Prescription Drugs, Vision and Chiropractic Treatments

Afforable Family Health Services (AFHS)

Prescription Drugs, Vision, Chiropractic Care, Hearing Devices

Uni-Care 200, Dental Care Advantage, Alliance HealthCard

Orthodontic Care

Signature Wellness, Dent-All Plan, DenteMax, Alliance HealthCard

Cosmetic Dentistry

Careington 500, AFHS, OptumHealth Allies, Access Dental Plans, Uni-Care 100 or 200

In addition to the above, you have cheap dental plans like Alliance offering further discounts for physical therapy, alternative medicine treatments or diabetic and medical supplies and equipment. You can also save between 15 and 50% on over the counter drugs and receive health club discounts. The Dominion 6000X plan offers free cleanings and exams with membership, while the Vital Savings by Aetna dental insurance plan includes weight management, fitness and oral health care product discounts for its members. These are just some of the many benefits offered to families, single individuals, self-employed or eldery people, who, for so long, were being overlooked with it came to receiving full coverage dental insurance.

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