Dental Payment Plans

Lets face it, dental payment plans are the only way many of us can afford to have dental work done. Unless you are fortunate enough to have inexpensive dental insurance or a low cost dental plan, a payment plan seems like the only option. Similar to purchasing a vehicle or paying tuition, some procedures come with a high price.

Dental implants can cost upward or $1500 to $2500 depending on the number of implants you need. And if bone grafting or other pre-surgical procedures are needed, the costs will be higher. Unless you have a very healthy bank account, your facing a huge dent in your finances. Fortunately, because of the need for dental work and the increasing popularity of cosmetic and elective procedures, there is a growing number of financing companies looking to provide or find financial lenders who specialize in dental loans.

Some of the larger companies offering dental payment plans include Care Credit, Citi Health and Well Fargo. There are also a number of dental finance brokers who work with lenders to find you the best dental loans. This increase in lending opportunities has led to more choices to consumers for financing dental treatment.

The process for applying for a dental payment plan is very simple. A quick in office or online application can result in immediate access to your credit line. The monthly payments are relatively low and the money can be used for general or specialist procedures including gum surgery, dental implants, teeth whitening and veneers. Many of the plans offer flexibility for repayment and depending on your situation, can be as little as $1000 or as much as $25,000.

While individuals with poor credit may need a co-signer, there are dental brokers whose focus is on helping people with less than perfect credit get the dental financing they need. Companies like AmOne or Patient Source work with all credit types. These companies specialize in loan financing and match your loan request with lenders who offer you the best chance of approval.

For those who need a dental payment plan, but don't want to use a bank or broker, an option to consider would be speaking directly to the dentist. Discuss the possibility of a flexible payment schedule with no interest, or a plan that allows you to pay 50 or 75 percent of the procedure's cost for the work to be done, followed by weekly or monthly payments on the balance.

There are financing options available for many dental procedures. You can get a perfect smile today for affordable monthly payments from six months to three years. While some may view this as extreme, its worth it for people who are struggling with their appearance and unable to afford the costs. They see it as making an investment in themselves.

Ask yourself, "How important is my smile?" and "How will improving my smile affect me?" While there are thousands of different answers to these questions, the first answer that often comes to mind is an increase in a person's self esteem and confidence. Our smiles affect both our personal and professional lives and can have an effect on how people perceive us. We finance other goods and services (cars, homes, furniture etc.), so why not make an financial investment in our oral health? One of the most important assets we own is our physical appearance. So, if you can afford a monthly payment that does not cause a financial hardship, a dental payment plan may be an area worth further investigating.

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