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This page consists of private dentist experiences as submitted by patients who have been treated at a private dental facility. Most dentists are general practitioners and treat a variety of dental problems. Other dentists practice in any of nine specialty areas: orthodontia, oral surgery, pediatrics, periodontics, prosthodontics, endodontics, public health, oral pathology and oral/maxillofacial radiology. As you can imagine, specialty dentists will normally charge a higher fee if they provide treatment. In some cases, there are general dentists who are able to perform similar tasks as a specialist (e.g., root canals, periodontal cleanings, dental bondings and/or overlays). You can consider using this information, as submitted by actual patients, as part of your evaluating whether or not a particular dentist can best suit your own personal dental needs. In addition to patient submissions, speak to your family members and friends about the dentists that they see. Quite often, these are the best types of referrals, as you are receiving the information first hand and you can see the actual results of the dentist's work.

In addition, you can check out the Dental School Events page to see if there are any dental schools in your area offering free screenings for children and/or adults, coupon giveaways for cleanings, examinations and x-rays, etc. as well as new research projects that are open to the general public. You may also find dental students who have advertised for needing patients for upcoming dental examinations. In some instances, you may not only qualify for not only a dental procedure at no charge, but be compensated monetarily as well.

Check the dental school events page often, as events will constantly be added for your benefit. Also consider joining the Dental Clinic Manager RSS Feed or Newsletter.

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Your Best and Worst Dental Experiences

Dr. Michael McCown 
RE: Dr. Michael McCown 4755 Highway A1A Vero Beach, FL. 32963 LIC# DN14339 NPI# 1407836612 On or about 10/19/10 I went to see Dr, Michael McCown …

Dr John Stratta 34 East 64th St New York, NY 10065 
Highly tempermental and abusive. Calls his female patients dogs. Wife, Diana Stratta hangs up the phone and or leaves messages that are conflicting. Office …

Dr. Leana Thanos-Weston 33326 
I went to see this UNPROFESSIONAL Doctor on 3-31-11. This So Called Doc was doing the duties of a Sales Person. I went there for a FREE Consultation …

Dr. Callicott, Paris, TN Not rated yet
This dentist was so rude because I was 2 minutes late, but the main points are that his office was dirty and he wore no rubber gloves while he treated …

Healthy Tooth Pulled. Not rated yet
Small Gum Infection Due to Medication That I Was Taking. Forced To Get Other Opinions. All Agreed Gum Should Have Been Treated.Healthy Tooth Never Should …

Root Canal at Samual J. Mumpower Not rated yet
I had a root canal done by Samual J. Mumpower and was told that there was a crack in my tooth and that he had to do the canal differently than normal. …

Schramm Dentistry Not rated yet
My experience at Schramm Dentistry 12311 Copper Way, Charlotte, NC was terrible. He is the worse dentist in the world. BAD JOB & NO FIX.

All of my money spent went down the DRAIN literally!!! Not rated yet
Mcleod Dental group!! They are more worried about quantity than quality! Rather than taking the time to make sure the job is done right he has his assistants …

Dr. Floren v. Dr. Fuller Not rated yet
My two visits with Dr. John Floren, 1307 Ebenezer Road in Rock Hill were a nightmare. I was met by the most un-professional disorganized and outright uncaring …

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