$36K Dental Work

Confirmed by a local dentist, I need approx. $36K in various works, ranging from fillings to root canals, crowns and a couple of tooth implants. Although currently on social security disability, I am unable to access my health care plans thru disability for 2 years and even then I know that my current needs are far more extensive that the assistance that will be available.

I am enrolled in the COBRA plan thru my previous employer Blue Cross and Blue Shield and I have a small dental plan, both of which I pay for the premiums out of pocket which prevents me from paying expenses not customarily covered by insurance. In the last 2 years, I have paid over $12,000 in out of pocket expenses and can no longer maintain the level of care necessary. I am on a low maintenance dosage of methadone daily, for chronic pain management which I am told is the reason my teeth are rapidly decaying. I have great hygiene and although my teeth are soft and subject to cavities, I always took pride in my smile as my teeth were straight and white and I was told I had a beautiful smile.

Currently I have exhausted all resources available to me and I am hopeful that in posting my plight, I may be able to find a study that I can participate in that looks at the correlation of methadone and dental issues and I also need to access dental care, either at a reduced price or for free if possible.

My needs are both immediate and long term unless I am able to obtain full implants or all of the current work necessary and then protected by caps. I was told that I should cease the use of methadone and honestly I did stop taking the medication, but unfortunately, found myself in soo much pain that I had to go back onto my maintenance dosage. How difficult it is and sad to have to choose between good health and mind and the teeth we were born with.

Until I became disabled 14 months ago, I worked at a local not for profit for 18 years, where I housed mentally ill homeless individuals and I designed and implemented many programs which saved family homes from foreclosure. I have always worked hard to help others in need and today, I find myself in great need as well. I am appreciative of any assistance I can obtain for me. I am willing to travel if I can obtain a program that will assist me with all of my dental needs. I am a good patient and am willing to give back in any way that I reasonably can.


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