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About July 2006, I relocated to Georgia with dreams of homeownership. I had been working in academia for over 14 years, half of which was spent in the oral health care setting. As a health care manager, I assumed that I would continue to work in that capacity. Well, time has a way of allowing us to become more centered and pursue our passions

Arriving in Georgia, I had no direct contacts with my top choice employers. Getting an interview was not easy. But, I was not really looking for full time employment at that time. My goal was to wait at least a year in order to become settled and familiarize myself with my new surroundings. Therefore, I really made no effort on this end. I was fortunate to be living rent free in the guest house of a family member and had a significant amount of savings at my disposal.

While not struggling financially, I began to realize that an opportunity was presenting itself. I could join the daily nine to five grudge, or pursue an area that every often thinks about - becoming financially independent. While the thought occurred to me when visiting family during the Christmas holidays, it was problems with my vehicle that helped begin the process.

Prior to a visit to NY during Christmas 2006, I made a promise to focus on getting a job when I returned to Georgia in January. I did not plan on returning home to find major problems with my vehicle. I was faced with problems that prevented me from even being able to go on interviews. From brakes, to starters, to a faulty alarm system, my car problems seemed endless. While it would not be until July that the car would return to full function, it was during this whole 6 month fiasco, that I was pursuing my goal.

I don't recall specifically how I found SBI, having reviewed so many online articles about website building. But, I'm happy to say that on January 6, 2007, I made an investment and purchased Site Build It!. In the months to follow, I saw the dental clinic manager website rising from obscurity (1 million +) to being placed on the map. In a matter of weeks, I began averaging about 5,000 visitors per month. Many pages began ranking in the top 10 at the search engines, and when I began to allow advertising on the site, by July 2007 I received a payment from Google. It was more than I expected in such a short period of time, but exactly what the SBI action guide says will occur if you follow it. From that point, I started receiving a steady income and, unknown to me, more good fortune was to come.

While in NY, I interviewed and was hired as a program coordinator. The salary and benefits were excellent. I then decided that, while I would work in NY, I would use the income to purchase my home in Georgia. Again, I would find my plans being changed. This time dramatically.

In July 2008, after only a few months on the job, I broke my ankle. This injury caused me to lose the job, the income and the dream of purchasing my home. But, fortunately, I was still receiving a substantial amount of money from my website. Because of SBI, I was in a position to pay my monthly credit card bills and help pay my daughters school tuition. If it had not been for SBI, I don't know how things might have turned out.

I have been blessed with the ability to not only provide you with a lot of information on dental work, but also generate an income at the same time! The Site Build It! system is responsible for my good fortune and can be yours as well. Everyone from stay at home moms, students, retirees and business owners are benefiting with the resources provided by SBI!. Learn how you can try, at no cost, the ultimate income building resource for full or part-time income.

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