Abuse of Dental Patients Rights at Ohio Dental School

I was assigned a foreign graduate student at a dental college. That was OK with me. I paid the required fees. This student seemed to have no supervisors around 90% of the time. This student cut off my tooth to far causing me to have to have bone and oral surgery. Which means I cannot eat on that side of my mouth.

Then this student wants me to have immediately oral surgery on the other side of my mouth. I have some health issues so I must be able to chew my food well. The student then told me I would just have to do as told and would have to eat pureed food for months. I told him there was no rush to have the other side done immediately. I even had sent the student a letter about my concern and his supervisor. When I saw the student after the first oral surgery he did not even look at the tissue, I had to ask if my gums were healing properly. He started in on I had to do the other surgery immediately. He is paternal and bossy.

I want another dentist. My patient rights are being abused and this is very stressful. No supervisor has asked me in private how I feel. They know he cut my tooth wrong This is a nightmare. Student leaving to go back to his country sometime in 2013. I am a senior citizen with education not stupid. Help!

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