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An Aetna Dental PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) plan is a common type of dental insurance plan. Within the PPO plan, a participating dentist or "Preferred Provider", agrees to provide services for less than his/her usual fee to any patient who is a member of the plan. If a dental patient chooses to see a dentist who is not designated as a provider, they will pay the regular or higher rate.

In essence, a PPO plan like Aetna Dental is a managed care plan. And like most managed care programs, it has both benefits and disadvantages.

While many dentists may participate in Aetna Dental PPO plans, the PPO plan may not cover all dental fees. Many plans have deductibles and only pay a small percentage of dental fees involved. This will leave you, the patient responsible for any co-pays. There may also be annual limits with this type of plan. Not all dentists are pleased about participating in PPO plans. It means more paperwork for them and less pay. While an Aetna Dental PPO may be attractive choice if your employer is paying the premiums and your dentist is a plan participant, if you alone are responsible for paying into the plan, the costs can be expensive. PPO Plans offer less flexibility than that of a discounted dental plan.

Its important to have adequate coverage for your situation - to be able to access the features you need and aren't paying for something you don't. Also, many PPO plans have restrictions, such as pre-existing conditions. Discounted dental plans are beginning to replace many plans like the Aetna Dental PPO and are becoming quite popular. There is one company in particular,, considered one of the best of their breed when it comes to helping people get the most out of dental coverage. discount dental plans allow people to save money on quality dental care - often upwards of 15% to 50%. They have over 30 plans to choose from - helping you protect and preserve your family's smile and overall health. Many plans offer discounts on such dental procedures as examinations, cleanings, x-rays, flouride treatments, root canals, braces, dentures, extractions, gum surgery, implants, fillings, crowns, bridges and more.

They make it as easy to choose a dental plan. They have an easy-to-use website which allows you to conveniently browse their extensive selection of national and regional plans. On their site, you can compare the benefits and savings offered by each plan in your area. Some plans even offer additional benefits to help you save, such as prescription, vision, chiropractic and hearing expenses at no additional cost.

Once you've joined the discount dental plan that's right for you, start saving immediately. Most plans activate within two business days after enrollment. From there, simply print out your membership card, make an appointment with your dentist and present your card at your visit. You will know exactly what the fees will be as you are given a fee schedule, which you can printout and take with you. No paperwork hassles or tedious claim forms to worry about. Saving money on your smile has never been so easy! Search for a discount plan today.

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