Affordable Family Dental Care

Affordable Family Dental Care

There was a time when affordable family dental care could only be obtained thru employment. Many companies would generously offer dental insurance as part of their employee benefits for little to no cost to the employer. But like many things effected during an economic downturn, dental coverage is no longer 100% company sponsored. Employees are being asked to pay the costs. In many instances, this does not include an increase in coverage, despite an increase in dental premiums and deductibles.

Familes that use to be able to afford regular checkups are struggling to pay household expenses, including dental bills. Some are forced to limit their visits to every other year. Others have stopped altogether - only seeing a dentist in an emergency.

In response to a growing number of people unable to afford dental care and developing preventable dental problems, dental network programs would be established. These programs would offer a way for families to, once again, be able to afford to see a dentist regularly.

Comprised of thousands of dentists, with office locations througout the US, dental networks offered a large selection of dental plans. Whether it was orthodontic braces, dentures, fixed bridges or periodontal care, there was an affordable dental plan available to meet the needs of families. Some of the more noteable plans include:

  • Aetna Dental Access® which offers its members savings between 15 and 50 percent off procedures. With over 66,000 locations, its annual fee is $104.95 for a single person and $159.95 for an entire family.
  • UNI-CARE 200 has over 32,000 dentist members with plans beginning at $114.95 per year. This plan also includes bonus discounts on prescription drugs, vision, chiropractic care and hearing devices.
  • Orthocare Orthodontic offers savings of 15-20% on orthodontic care for as low as $84.95 per year. Available nationally, there are over 2,900 participating dentists.

When you participate in a discount dental plan, you and your family are assured of assistance when expensive dental treatment is required. Dental plans can help you better manage many major dental problems, lessening the financial burden, when needed.

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