All of my money spent went down the DRAIN literally!!!

Mcleod Dental group!! They are more worried about quantity than quality! Rather than taking the time to make sure the job is done right he has his assistants do everything and then your fillings you have done fall out within a month! I had several fillings and a crown done and spent over $1000 on the work I had done and within a month all of my flllings fell out and I was told he would replace it after I got my braces off and then when I went back in I had a tooth that was chipped and wanted to know how much it would cost to fix it and told the assistant if there was going to be charges that I needed to reschedule and she did the X ray anyways and then came to me with a bill for it when I specifically told her not to do it and had a major attitude with me about it and referred to me being a few minutes late for my appointment and how now they were running behind as if that had something to do with her doing an X ray I didn't ask for! Needless to say I walked out didn't have him fix his own mess and decided not to go with him for anymore dental work!!!

Clermont, FL

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