Blackish/Grey Areas on Gums

So, I just so happened to glance in the mirror and saw that my gums have discolored in places. They've got some grayish/black color in areas and have never looked like this before. I smoke cigarettes and drink alot of coffee, but this is new. They don't hurt and don't bleed when I brush. I am a 31 year old female.

Also, my son is 3 1/2. His front two teeth are discolored. Almost like they are rotting from the inside out. I don't know why this is happening because his twin sister and little brother both have white, healthy teeth and I brush all their teeth one after another. He's mildly autistic, so I know when I do get to bring him to the dentist, it's going to be horrible.

My husband works full time and I have finally, after 3 years of being unemployed, gotten a part time job. We are financially crippled since I was laid off and are slowly getting back on our feet. I know how bad we all need to go to the dentist and I've been reading about how you can get cancer on your gums, so I'm scared for me and worried for my son. I know his problem isn't something that will kill him, but he's already got this disability to overcome and kids can be so cruel. He doesn't need his teeth to be all rotted out because mommy and daddy are broke. If anyone can help us, or knows of someone or something we can do to help ourselves, I am all ears.

Tampa, FL

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