Botched Dental Implant Procedure

My wife has a form of lupus which affected her mouth for years. Because of her dry mouth, her teeth were ruined. She went to a dental implant specialist who said he could help. He discussed her treatment and we refinanced the house to get money for the procedure, which turned out to be a botched dental implant procedure.

He extracted her teeth, put bone in her lower gums, which were deteriorating, took molds of her mouth, made the implants, and treated her. When she went in for the fitting of her implants, they made her gag. She said they were too big. The lab and the dentist are at separate sites and, for over a year, they never got her implants correct. We didn't have any more money to keep going to them. They fought with her - telling her that the implants were correct and she was wrong about them being too big. Recently, she went for a free exam at another cosmetic surgeon. They took xrays and did a full examination on her. They told her that the bone that was implanted was not attached. The screws are in the wrong place and are not in the bone. They also told her that the implants were way too big for her and that they would need $30,000 dollars to fix it all. We do not have the money.

We refinanced the house for the procedure and it was screwed up. She is in pain everyday now that her screws are out and cutting her gums. We need help to fix this problem. Thank you for reading.

Trent Mcintyre
Lakewood, CA

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