Broken & Rotted Teeth - I Need My Smile Back!

Hi. My name is Lisa. I live in Mobile, Alabama. I am 32 years old and I have always had problems with my teeth. Since I was very little. I have a genuine fear of dentists, therefore I have a hard time going until I absolutely have to, last resort. I get very sick when I go. I have very "soft" teeth even though I brush them several times a day and think I have good dental care at home.

I currently have several rotten teeth. Most of them do not bother me, but are in such horrible condition, they should hurt. I also have a couple of broken teeth, and they are in the front so it is hard for me to smile. I am a very outgoing and fun person, but when you don't want to smile because of the way your teeth look, then you just are not the same. I have 2 teeth that almost constantly hurt in the back (chewing teeth). I am almost always taking something for the pain. I need help! I have no money & no insurance. I have 2 kids and they come first! I NEED MY SMILE BACK!! I hope there is someone out there that can help! I am prepared to do anything! Thanks so much in advance!

Lisa Morgan
Mobile, AL

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