Brother Unemployed Since 2003 - Needs Dental Work

My brother who is 56 years old has not had dental insurance since a job layoff in 2003. He was self employed from 2003 to 2008, barely making enough to live on. With the downturn in the economy, his business is practically non-existent. I am the one who is supporting him for now. His teeth are in terrible condition & he desperately needs dental work. The work will probably be quite extensive.

I am willing to help him financially as much as I can, but without knowing how much will be involved, without the assistance of insurance, I am asking for assistance in getting him the help he so needs. He is the type who won't go searching for this type of program on his own, as he is a very proud man, with very little self confidence because of this.

Obviously, you are judged by your appearances when searching for employment, and he has so far been unsuccessful in finding any type of outside employment. This is even further causing him depression.

Laura McLeod
Acworth, GA

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