Clinical Research Trials

University of Maryland Dental School is offering the following Clinical Research Trials:

  1. Toothpaste Study - Do you have gingivitis? Are you between the age of 18 and 64? Study will take approx. 6 months, 6 appointments. Subjects who qualify receive free parking and $200 at study completion - For more information, call 410-706-0014.

  2. Root Canal Study - You may be eligible to participate in a study of root canal infections in patients who are not on antibiotics and need root canal treatment or re-treatment. Eligible patients will receive root canal treatment by an endodontic specialist or postgraduate endodontic resident, follow-up evaluation for two years, and incremental monetary reimbursements, for a total of $300 by the end of the evaluation period. After the root canal treatment, patients will be referred back to their dentists for fillings or crowns on the tooth or teeth treated. For more information, call 410-706-7047.

  3. TMJ/TMD PAIN Management Study - seeking volunteers with temporomandibular joint disorder pain for a study comparing pain treatments. Participants will receive a comprehensive dental evaluation and treatment free of charge. Must be 18 years old and older. For more information, call 410.614.3396.

  4. Cardiovascular/Periodontal Study - clinical trial studying the relationship between heart disease and periodontal disease. FREE ORAL HEALTH SCREENING EXAM, for persons 18-76 years old; have had a heart attack or been told they have heart blockage; have 12 or more natural teeth; not allergic to tetracycline, azithromycin or related drugs, or povidine iodine; do not have liver problems and are not pregnant or nursing. If it is determined at the free screening that you have periodontal disease, you may receive: FREE periodontal care and medications; FREE dental radiographs, and FREE oral exams every 6 months. For more information, call 410.491-0230 or 410.491-0231.

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