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I'm willing to participate in research studies. I'm female, 30 years old. I've been searching how to get help online for I can't afford to pay my dental care.

I came from a big family, and oldest of 7 and deprived of dental care. Since I finished my college degree and started working in my profession, I've been supporting my brothers and sisters. In my entire life since I started working, I only got one treatment before I left to US to work six years ago. I supported my family back home rather than use my money for my personal needs. Now my teeth are starting to break and I need a serious treatment.

I just went to see a dentist, and I can't afford the amount. I have 7 crowns, and most of the teeth that holds them are broken. I have crooked canine, and gum problems. Life would be different if nobody is depending on me.

Somehow, I can do an installment plan. But right now, I stop working for a little time because I'm finishing my master's thesis. I work, study and support my brothers and sisters. I decided to do further study to get a better job and better pay. Your help will spare my assumed responsibility back home. The money that I can save will continue the studies of my younger brothers and sisters. I would be grateful for any help you can give.

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