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I need a dental payment plan. I am 30 years old, raising my 3 boys by myself, my youngest is 3, and pregnancy with him ruined just about all of my teeth, I had a severe potassium and iron deficiency, vomiting for 9 months, and then almost dying during a c-section.

I'm not looking for a handout. I recently lost my job, and currently received unemployment and child support while actively job searching, While I don't know exactly what dental work I need to have done, I do have an over-bite and tooth grinding problem which caused my lower teeth to become crooked. I am also in pain, due to the eroded tooth enamel (I think I see cavities in just about every tooth). One tooth towards the back hurt so bad, I pulled it myself because I couldn't afford to go to the dentist. I've already had my wisdom teeth removed. so I would guess that I need some dental fillings, dental braces, and enamel restoration?

Chilton, TX

Kathleen's Reply: Misty - because you seem to have more income resources, I would suggest using the most affordable way to get information on what your dental treatment needs are before requesting a dental payment plan (some dentists may be more willing to do plan if the total treatment costs (risks) are not too high).

Consider visiting a dental school clinic. The visit should include x-rays and consultation outlining exactly what you need. Then review their pricing fees for the procedures. Review each dental procedure in their order of importance. If you can get some treatment done at the dental school to save on costs, don't hesitate.

You should have the student start with a few simple procedures, so you can get a sense of how the dental student works and to help you build up a level of comfort and trust. You should also consider enrolling in a dental plan program. The fees you pay have already been negotiated with the dentist, and there are no hidden costs. You will know exactly what the costs will be for each procedure you will need in advance. There are no long term commitments (I enroll in the plan for one year to benefit from the savings and then chose not to renew for the next year because my dental needs were met.) I was also fortunate enough to enroll in a dental plan when I needed to pay out of pocket expenses and saved 20-50% for some procedures.

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