Dental School Shows No Compassion

My son's wisdom teeth were removed on the day before a three day holiday. The dental university student obviously did not do a good job since a dry socket ensued with unbearable pain for my very pain tolerant son.

No one would help us with the pain. We were not asking for free help. No hospital emergency room would help since "they don't do teeth". Cute, huh? Thanks AMA and dentists. You carve out your income territory according to your own greed, not re the needs of patients. No dentists offices were open because of the holiday weekend.

Absolutely no compassion shown by this dental school. In fact, I was yelled at, when trying to get an appointment right away on the morning after the holiday.

Wisconsin, USA

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Dry Sockets are a Common Risk
by: Anonymous

Your experience brings up many different topics. The biggest problem with your complaint is that you assume that the student didn't do a good job because your son got a dry socket. THIS IS ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE and it is totally unfair to the student and the school to make that statement. Dry sockets are a common risk following extraction of wisdom teeth (even with oral surgeons who have been in practice a long time) and I would have trouble believing that you weren't told of that prior to the procedure (especially at a dental school). It's also unfair to blame all of the other dentists for taking a holiday off (it sounds like you did as well). Dentists are required to provide emergency care for their patients of record. If the school didn't inform you of what you should do if your son had problems, that should be your complaint, nothing further.

It's unfortunate that sites like this give people the opportunity to spread false information without giving the school an opportunity to respond. I'm sure they are severely restricted by HIPPA laws, you are not.

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