Dental Work Needed

I need dental work badly. My smile was always my best asset. No longer. I hold my hand over my mouth, trying not to smile. I have missing teeth on the bottom. and 3 missing teeth on the top. I broke a tooth in my sleep the other night, so that makes 2 on the left, close to front (next to front, eye tooth?) and 1 a little further back that broke off on the right top.

My front top teeth, have been capped,with 1 false attached to caps, they are 32 years old and are getting loose, especially since I broke the tooth next to them the other night. No one wants to hire or go out to eat with someone who doesn't have teeth.

I only get 700 a month social security, so I can not afford to go to dentist. I went to one in Louisiana, a few years ago, just to see how much it would cost. She put a temporary filling in the tooth that broke, and I ended up spending close to 400.00 dollars on filling and x rays. I was working then, couldn't afford it then, certainly can't now. Oh yea, she gave me a price of 22,000.00 to fix my teeth. Needless to say, I didn't go back.

Hempstead, TX

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