Desperately Need Dental Help

I am a 24 year old. I have no medical card or any insurance and I have had to return to the hospital numerous times over my face swelling out like the nutty professor. But I can't afford to get at least the eleven top teeth out. I need dentures so bad!!! I am so terrified that one day I will end up having a stroke or heart disease because of my teeth. Is there anyone out there who can help me out? I live in Cave-in-Rock, Illinois and I definitely am willing to travel to get this done if I have to. I can't even smile. In fact, I can't even speak normal and barely understand myself when I am forced to talk. Yes, it is so bad, I try not to even talk. I need help seriously, no one will even hire me due to my teeth and how I have to hide the smiles that i desire to be able to have once again. Someone please have a heart and help me out. It seriously would be my dream come true!

Harrisburg, Illinois

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