Disabled and Need Dental Help

I moved up here to be near my son but instead of continuing my career, I got sick and am now disabled.

For a few years i was totally broke and didn't have care. Finally i was referred to a "sliding fee" dentist who ignored my teeth and slapped some loose caps back over my rotting teeth with permanent glue! Then he couldn't get it off to look beneath. Now he says I have to wait till it "comes off". I guess that's when the underneath teeth disintegrated.

The work he has done (over a period of a year because he is too busy), has already gone bad. The money i paid him was a waste. He says it is my fault for not coming in sooner. Now he wishes I will go away. I got a second opinion. Quote 1: $10,000 Quote 2 (bare bones pull em and get a denture): $4000.

I am 58 and didn't know this is what would happen. I worked all my life....now when i need the help, I am too poor to get it. Life seems hopeless right now...my front teeth are all broken off. It looks so bad i am embarrassed to go to the dentist, much less go anywhere else.


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