Disabled - Need Extensive Dental Work

I have Lupus, Fibromialgia, and Lupus Nephritis (kidney failure due to my health issue's). I also have a lot of decaying teeth, many broken off and decaying due to my not being able to afford dental visits and the medications that I have to take in order for the Lupus to stay in remission.

I do not have a lot of teeth left in my mouth to eat with and the ones that I do have are either broken off at the gumline or near the gums. According to the dentist, I will either need a plate or need to have all of them removed and replaced with dentures. Dental health is extremely important to a person with my disease as it is an auto-immune disease and we are very susceptible to any and all type of infections. I live in a rural area on the Eastern Shore of Virginia, and my only income is from Social Security.

Therese Taylor
Chincoteague Island, VA

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