Dr. Callicott, Paris, TN

by Julie Landmichael
(Dresden, TN)

This dentist was so rude because I was 2 minutes late, but the main points are that his office was dirty and he wore no rubber gloves while he treated me. When his hands became bloody, and he simply rinsed them and dried with a real dirty towel, then proceeded to go back to work on my mouth. While working, he cut himself with one of his instruments and continued to work on my mouth, instructing me to spit the blood in a little basin, while providing me with no opportunity to rinse my mouth. The instruments he used were not disinfected. This was like a horror house. He also did not give me an antibiotic. This dentist is 85 years old and should not be practicing anymore. He only accepts cash as a form of payment. I pray that I do not become ill after all he did without any protections in place. It seems a crime that this man is still in business.

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