Dr. Floren v. Dr. Fuller

My two visits with Dr. John Floren, 1307 Ebenezer Road in Rock Hill were a nightmare. I was met by the most un-professional disorganized and outright uncaring staff I have ever encountered in my 45 years of living.

Upon my arrival for my procedure on January 11th and being dropped off by a neighbor (I was afraid I would not be able to drive home alone), I was told I did not have an appointment. The two women spent more time defending that it "wasn't their mistake" than trying to solve the problem. I called my ride back, only to have them tell me as I was leaving that Dr. Floren would do the procedure anyway....and to wait. So I once again sent my ride home back to their home.

After a 45 minute wait, I was told to come to the counter and pay my 398.00. I explained that I had never been informed about pre-paying, and I would pay when my ride picked me up as I did not bring my wallet. I asked if the dentist could wait until the procedure was done. The woman at the desk asked why I would come to a dentist unprepared, and that I obviously had no intention of paying. I asked to speak to the doctor individually to explain the morning's confusion, the inability to apologize for their mistake and their insinuation of my being "unprepared". Now keep in mind the office had me on antibiotics for 6 weeks, cancelled one appointment, changed the second appointment, and plain lost and never scheduled the third one in their computer even after having confirmed it!!! I then asked for my x-ray and assesment so I could leave - they refused my request. Again, I asked to speak to Dr. Floren and he refused to speak to me as well.

I returned to my primary dentist who gave me a second referral - Dr. Fuller. Dr. Fuller waited even after closing time for me to arrive. He introduced himself immediately, listened attentively to the days upsetting events and made arrangements for me to be seen on January 12th.

Now comes the final straw. Dr. Floren wanted just shy of a $400.00 co-payment for the procedure - no exceptions what so ever, refusing to wait even until my ride came back with my wallet. Dr Fuller and staff, with the same insurance, and located on the same street, in the same town, charged less than $195.00. Quite a difference in so many ways...kind professional and all around more organized and worthy of praise.

Patrick J Thorpe
Rock Hill, SC

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