Emergency Situation

I am a 44 year old mother and I am disabled. I was recently told that my legs can't be fixed from the damage that was done when my ex smashed me between 2 trucks. On top of that, I am a diabetic and have high blood pressure and a heart condition, so needless to say my life is not a bed of roses.

I have a denture on the top of my mouth, but only received a partial on the bottom and a few fillings. The partial has since worn through and broke off 2 teeth while the fillings has fallen out. The 10 teeth I have left is all broken off at the gums. My doctor stated that I am going to end up going ceptic if I don't get the necessary dental treatment. I have spent countless hours looking for a way ,a miracle or something to help me just get these 10 teeth extracted and a bottom plate put in my mouth so that I can have one good thing - my smile back. My husband and kids miss it as I use to smile all the time, but not anymore. It is AWFUL... My teeth look nasty no matter how much I brush them and the pain is becoming more intolerable.

My neck and shoulders are stiff and my doctor says that is is from infection. there so long. The infection goes from down my neck and into my shoulders. I have just about give up and accepted the fact that if my legs don`t kill me, my teeth will. Dr.Shaw, my personal doctor, wrote a letter to Humana telling them that it was a medical necessity that they come out as it is effecting my other health problems but that did no good so I am lost and have no where to turn.

I have no photo but they are just broke off snags, black and infected that bleed constantly when brushing. Maybe you can help me. If not thanks for listening to me. I can barely eat the proper foods for diabetics as I almost choke on solids foods, so this problem is destroying my health in other areas as well.

Penny Manes

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Hello Penny
by: Cortney Miller

Hi I read your post and I know it helps to have someone understand. I'm 25 and I get the same kind of pain and my teeth are all that way. The break and are sharp and tear the inside of my checks and the infections seem to be constant. I don't smile anymore either and I wish I could with the confidence I used to have. The dentist around here do not care about the welfare of people only how much money they get. We should all band together for the next group with these problems. I really wish you the best and good things do happen to good people and I think you are very deserving after what you've been through. Stay positive and keep your head up.

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