Extensive Dental Needs

My dental needs are very extensive. About 3 years ago I had all of my upper teeth removed and replaced with a denture. During this process, my jaw was cracked and a small hole that went to the jaw would not close. Without insurance, there was little I could do. So, the problems above are still present, along with a whole new set of problems.

My lower teeth are all falling out and the ones remaining are black and very infected. As of right now, I am on unemployment. Even when I was working, I was considered low income.

The physical appearance is very bad as I am sure you can assume, but nothing, compared to the emotional toll It is taking. I find it hard to be around people because of the state of my mouth. It has even effected my ability to apply for jobs because I cover my mouth when I talk. Not a good first impression.

I want a better life for my 4 kids, {all have dental insurance through x-husband} and for myself. I have been told by all of the so called low income places for dental care that all they can do is pull out my remaining teeth and nothing else. I am very grateful for any advice you maybe able to provide.

Kathleen Henning
Toms River, NJ

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