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Many dental plans have evolved to the point of being called full coverage dental plans. This is because, in addition to dental coverage, we are now seeing other coverages such as physical therapy, chiropractic care, vision and hearing being added to these plans.

But, shopping for a full coverage dental plan can be overwhelming. You might be tempted to purchase the cheapest dental plan. But, before making this type of decision, take a step back. One of the most important things you need to think about before purchasing is you and your family's needs.

Whether looking at full coverage dental plans for only yourself or your family, go through the fine print to understand your coverage. Before purchasing any plan, think about your current and future needs. Will someone need braces or dentures? Do you have periodontal or dry mouth issues? Once you made your assessments, proceed to find a plan that covers these procedures.

As you review your plan options, make note of the benefits provided by each (i.e., the details about the dental coverage, including any limitations and/or exclusions). Your decision to choose a full coverage dental plan should be based on the plans ability to meet your needs, not because its the cheapest dental plan. You should also seek advice from friends, relatives and the testimonals of others, like myself, who are actual plan members.

A few years ago, I was facing very expensive dental bills because of needed work (several crowns and an implant). I had already been a plan member for about 2 years prior, so when I needed the work, I simply called up a dentist who participated in my plan and proceeded to have my work done. I knew before the work was done what the costs would be (I was provided with a fee schedule), so there were no surprises. I was very pleased with the work and the money I saved. I had really made a smart investment. By the way, I was a member of the Avia dental plan network.

The Avia dental plan is a discount plan with a large network of dental practices. Avia offers members dental savings of up to 80%. Included with membership is a vision care plan that offers up to 60% in savings, and prescription drug coverage with an average savings cost of 20%. As a dental care alternative to conventional dental insurance, the Avia dental plan can also be used as a supplement to those who already have dental insurance - but want to lock in the costs.

The Avia dental plan advantages include:

  • Plans starting at only $7.00 a month;
  • Guaranteed acceptance. No one is denied acceptance with Avia;
  • No waiting period with enrollment. You can sign up today and begin receiving discounts immediately;
  • Savings up to 80% on dental expenses. Avia's dental fee schedules are lower than most other dental plans;
  • For plan members, there are no limits on the number of visits to a general dentist or specialist.

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