Get Free Dental Work and Make Money

This is a great opportunity to get some free dental work done and make money for your time!

I am a recent dental graduate from UPenn dental school and I am looking for patients now for my NERB exam at Temple University this December 6th. I am willing to pay you up to $500 (or more for travel/expenses if needed to come to
Philadelphia, PA). All you have to do is contact me and be someone that has been told or knows that they have dental cavities that need to be filled. Specifically, it would need to be a back tooth and a front tooth.

I also need a patient who needs a "deep cleaning" and has been told they need "scaling and root planing" to remove calculus and plaque off your teeth. I can explain in better details the requirements. If you are interested, please email me at

Dr. Susan DellaRipa
Philadelphia, PA as well.

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