Gum Disease - Need Upper & Lower Partials

I am in great immediate need of some dental work. First off, I have had an ongoing infection in my lower front 5 teeth that is now into the jaw, I have severe gum disease and a front tooth broken off due to a root canal done prior. I also have a back molar that has broken off below the gum line.

I have went to a couple places and learned that I need 8 extractions, a couple filings and also upper lower partials, The cost is about 2700.00, 900.00 down 100 a month payments. I can't afford the down payment. I am on unpaid leave from work due to health issues.

The dentist I saw said its a health issue now.I constantly hurt,and my self esteem is not well due to this. Any idea where to start? Yes, I have filed for Acchees, but they will only pull a few teeth. I can't walk around without front and or bottom teeth.

Tina Brown
Tucson, AZ

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