Have Dental Insurance - Still Need Payment Plan

I have been trying to find any help that I can get to get my teeth fixed. I have always been a hard worker, but had an work related injury that required three lower back surgeries. I had to resign from my job of 14 years as a detention officer in 1999. Two years later my wife divorced me and I had to take care of our son who was 11 at the time. I applied for social security and have been receiving that since. I raised him by myself. She was ordered to pay child support and paid for a short while then stopped and moved out of state. She owes me about $12,700.00 - I don't think I'll ever see it.

My son is a grown man now at 20 years old. I also have two other older adult children. They all live here in Arizona.

Let me get back to why i need help with my teeth, I have not been able to see a dentist for over 10 years. I pay for dental insurance every month. I just can't afford what I know my bill will be. I had an exam back in 2000 and the dentist said at that time it would cost me around $2000.00. There's no way i could pay that, that included my insurance. I could only imagine what it would be now. I have had tooth pain for years now. I know I have a lot of cavities now. Since my divorce, my credit is no good. I have tried to get loans for it and have been denied. I'm not asking for a free ride I just want to be able to make payments, of course if it was given to me for free, I would take it, but I'm not like that. I live alone, I don't have a life. I don't have any social life whatsoever. I'm embarrassed about my teeth or even to open my mouth. I have Cigna dental insurance. I need to find a dentist that will work with me and get my teeth fixed and let me make payments. I have been looking everywhere and have not found anything - only scams out there that want to take your money. Thank you.

Robert Martinez
Peoria, Arizona, Maricopa

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