I Have 2 Dental Needs

I have 2 dental needs - one for my son and one for me. I am 42 years old with a 23 year old son who has had this fear of dentists and now he is paying for it dearly.

My son has lost 2 teeth already and what he has left are rotting away. He may be in need of dentures because I think more extensive dental work might be too much and to difficult at this time. He has crooked teeth, just like me, so there's a lot that needs to be done if dentures are not the route to go. He complains of health issues and I'm afraid this is effecting his well being. He works but does not earn much - just enough to get him to work and put something in his stomach. He lives in Bensenville, IL (Dupage County) and I live in Gurnee, IL (Lake County).

As for me, I'm on disability and have had Rheumatoid Arthritis since I was 14. While many people say I look okay, I don't feel this way. I have good hours and bad hours. I'm so depressed looking at my teeth - they are like a sharks mouth. While they are strong, they are terribly crooked. I also have a temporary tooth in the front that has fallen out twice. I have it because my ex-husband punched me in the mouth years ago and I had a ceramic tooth put in its place, but it wasn't done right. I've been living for years now a temporary tooth and this is my second one. Unfortunately, it's not as good as the first temporary which lasted 8 or so years. I realize that I can no longer rely on temps and am looking to get an implant and braces.

Thank you so much for listening and your time.

Gurnee, IL

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