I Need a Lot of Dental Work

I am missing 9 teeth, need to extract a wisdom tooth and the remainder of #4 (I think), which had a root canal and a temp crown that fell off and consisted of the whole tooth, basically. That one must be cut out I'm sure.

Tooth #5 and #12 need root canals. (I have had several of these but never have the money for the crown, so i end up loosing the tooth.) I'm told I need bridges and/or partials. I would be interested in implants if the option were available. I really need help!

I have a difficult time eating and am often in pain and cannot sleep at night due to infection, (for which i already took antibiotics once). My gums are beginning to be painful when I brush. My bite is also messed up because I'm missing so many teeth, and I have TMJ as well, I believe (from what i have read).

I am a single mom, and student. I work part-time, and have very little money. Medi-Cal only pays for extractions. If anyone knows somewhere in Clovis or Fresno, CA that can help me at the lowest cost available for my situation, I would be greatly appreciative!

Clovis, CA

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