I Need All New Teeth

When I was younger my teeth were beautiful. I was always told I had a good smile and I smiled a lot. Now I am 45 years old and my dental situation is really bad.

I have no upper back teeth. I have seven top front teeth. The teeth on top with either big fillings or are deteriorating. My large front tooth has a big black spot (I'm guessing a cavity). I am missing teeth on the left side of my mouth. I use my front teeth to chew everything and they are just slowly deteriorating.

I would love to able to eat with the back teeth again. I grind my teeth and over the years they are just getting worse and worse. I can't afford dental work. My husband's mouth is getting as bad too. He has various missing or half missing teeth. He is getting worse too.

We used to smile at each other. Now it's a very small grin. It's embarrassing to be this way in public. I try to hide my teeth when I talk. So that's my story.

We need help really bad. I want us to be able to smile with pride again. Not have to worry what people think. So if you can help us in any way God Bless You.

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