I Need Dental Help

I am a 54 year old female with 2 mitral valves leaking, and a 3 inch bony structure in the roof of my mouth. All of my teeth are breaking off and I am in bad need of surgery to remove the structure and then determine if my own teeth are in any condition to repair.

I had beautiful teeth and no cavities until about 10 years ago. Now I can only eat a few things because I either can't chew food or it hurts the roof of my mouth. I was diagnosed with anemia due to my inability to eat properly.

I currently have Social Security disability for medical coverage, but would return to work if I had a smile, or a reason to smile. My current insurance (Medicare) does not pay for any kind of dental work and my local dentist does not offer any free services and there seems to be no Dental Schools in the West Virginia area which offer this type of help.

Please would somebody help me, I feel so depressed about my looks. I am also hearing impaired with only 20% hearing left. I don't want to seem like a complainer - I just want to get back to smiling. I am too embarrassed to go out in public or have pictures taken of me. I will send a picture if you need one.

My front teeth go all the way over my bottom teeth to the gum area. Last night as I lay in bed, a cap on the bottom front broke off as my jaw locks up and it snapped it off. I am thankful at this point that I have no pain - why, I am not sure, but I feel very blessed. I would be happy to have them all pulled and get dentures but I can't do any thing until the bony structure in the roof of my is removed. I think Medicare would pay for that with the right diagnosis.

Carolyn Hoke,
White Sulphur, WV

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I know what you mean
by: sandi

I am in ca. and am having the worst time. 20 dentists later, I still need dentures, extractions, etc. No one will take payments, or asking huge down payments. All my teeth are loose.

Have you had any luck in finding anyone to help you?

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