I Really Need a Fixed Dental Bridge

My wisdom teeth went crazy on me when I was pregnant. They put so much pressure on my other teeth that one broke. I could not get it fixed since my OB/GYN would not allow it.

I was finally able to see a dentist to get my teeth fixed about a year ago. He pulled all four of my wisdom teeth and did a root canal on the broken one. He did not want to put the cap on, so he told me to see a certain other dentist to finish it off. She was never in the office when I had a babysitter, so I forgot about it.

Until now, I went to a dentist today because I have a nasty infection in the tooth. It hurts so bad! He gave me an antibiotic, but told me that he did not want to do it since the other dentist had started it.

Here I am left with nobody wanting to fix my tooth because I have Caresource insurance. (I overheard this last one talking about it.) I just really need this fixed. Today, I was told I need a bridge that would cost $1,000+. I am a student and cannot afford something like that. Thank you!

Dayton, OH

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