Impacted Wisdom Tooth

All my wisdom teeth are impacted my dentist told me I didn't need to worry with them if they didn't give any trouble.

I recently had a tooth pulled because that same dentist did a root canal but didn't put a crown on just filled it with a filling the tooth later broke away and the filling fell out. I went to a dentist who was cheaper and she took the tooth out. She also informed me that I had a cyst on my lower wisdom tooth. She doesn’t do wisdom teeth and told me I had to go somewhere else.

I have no insurance no job I am a full time student and I can't pay to have this done. Does anyone know what I should do or could do? It has already caused other issues as well that I didn't know about like the gum issues I have.

If some one could tell me of a clinic that can help me I would be grateful.

Mesquite, TX

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by: FFamily Dentist in Inglewood

If wisdom teeth are causing a problem and are not pulled, they can sometimes become impacted. Impacted wisdom teeth can be extremely painful, as well as harmful to your oral health. Symptoms are easy to spot: pain, inflammation, and some kinds of infections.

Family Dentist in Inglewood - KB Dental

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