In Major Pain

I am a 31 old man who went to a dentist about a month or two ago and know my immediate dental problem is with one of my wisdom teeth. The pain is on the bottom right area of the mouth. There are also a couple of other teeth that need to be treated, but my wisdom tooth is killing me now.

I don't care where I need to go as it needs to done asap. It hurts and although I can handle pain pretty well, this is the worst. What I would eventually like is a bridge or a partial to replace this tooth once its extracted.

The thing is, while I have insurance, it may only cover 50% of major work and I don't have any cash. My insurance is MetLife. If there is a school or someone that is out there that needs a patient, then I am that guy.

I know there is a lot of tooth work that needs to be done in my mouth. I have two broken teeth with the pieces still in the gums. There is at least one that part of the tooth is broken and you can see the filling and there are others that are having the enamel come off of them. Like I said, my mouth is a hey day for a school to train people. I know the wisdom tooth that needs to come out needs to be done by a specialist and the reason why it hurts so much is because its right next to the nerve. I included a pic - hope it helps a little. Thanks,

Happy Valley, OR

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