Individual Dental Coverage

Individual Dental Coverage

If you are a single or self employed person who needs individual dental coverage, your in luck. Traditionally, dental coverage for single people was only limited to employee sponsored plans. You became a member either immediately, or after a few months of service.

For the unemployed or those just out of college and past the age of being a "minor", finding affordable dental insurance was not easy. It was limited to a few carriers who seemed more concerned about their commissions and not about spending time ensuring that the plan met the needs of the client. Fortunately, this is no longer the case.

Today, we have dental insurance networks that offer a large selection of individual dental insurance plans. These plans are available to anyone, regardless of marital status, employment status or residence.

With dental plans, you have a choice of selecting a plan that is regional (Louisiana, Florida, Kentucky, New York) or nationally, brand recognized (Aetna, CIGNA, HealthPlus). This gives individuals enormous flexiility in selecting dentists, coverages and locations. For people who need orthodontic work, there are several plans that includes orthodontia. For those with straight teeth, plans that offer discounts on cosmetic teeth whitening procedures or dental veneers are also available.

Whichever plan you are considering, you can rest assured that the benefits you get will be similar to that of a family or group plan. There are plans that offer discounts on alternative medicine, diabetic supplies, physical therapy, chiropractic care, health clubs, weight management programs, LASIK surgery, vision care, hearing devices, and so much more. And you get all of this for no additional cost! Below are just a few of the many individual dental coverage plans, their benefits and the annual fee1 for individual persons.

Prescription Drugs and Vision

Avia Dental Plan - $124.95
PNA by CIGNA - $104.95

Rx Drugs, Vision, Chiropractic Care

Afforable Family Health Services (AFHS) - $124.95

Rx Drugs, Vision, Chiropractic Care, Hearing Devices

Uni-Care 200
Dental Care Advantage - $124.95
Alliance HealthCard - $144.95

Orthodontic Procedures

Signature Wellness - $144.95
Dent-All Plan - $114.95
DenteMax - $104.95
Alliance HealthCard - $144.95

Cosmetic Procedures

Careington Care 500 - $139.95
AFHS - $124.95
OptumHealth Allies - $159.95
Access Dental Plans - $104.95
Uni-Care 100 - $79.95
Uni-Care 200 - $114.95

As you can see, individual dental coverage plans are very affordable. By paying an annual fee, you get access to savings. For someone who needs lots of dental work, the savings can be significant. For someone who already has insurance, but wants to further maximize savings, a dental plan offers an easy, very affordable way to do this.

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1As of June 2012.
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