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The process of getting insurance quotes for dental insurance has never been more easy. The development of search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc., provides us the ability to get information, literally within seconds. The only problem it seems, is that we're presented with an overwhelming amount of information based on these search results.

When requesting an insurance quote for dental insurance, make certain that you understand exactly what is covered. Carefully consider the plan's limitations. Limitations will often result in higher out-of-pocket expenses if you need a significant amount of dental work done during a calendar year.

The goal of getting insurance quotes for dental insurance is to provide you with the best features in terms of both coverage and cost. Look at such factors as the dental procedures that are covered, the location of the dentists who provide the care and the plan features. Any quotes you receive should incorporate all of these factors to your complete satisfaction.

Choosing the right dental health insurance plan and coverage can be overwhelming, but is crucial to helping you to save money on dental care. Take your time with the process and you will get both an affordable plan with the right coverage.

So, which are the best resources for dental insurance quotes? Which companies offer the best tools and comparative charts for locating the most affordable dental health plans?

While several brand named, well known companies immediately come to mind, some of these company's bottom line is to simply get you to buy from them. Many do not include their competitors rates for fear of losing your business. So, in order to determine who seemed most fair, we looked at several factors: the average number of quotes; coverage choices and other benefits; and prices.

Below are some of our findings for the "top ranking" or 1st and 2nd page search results for insurance quotes for dental insurance, provided by the Bing search engine. The information is based on insurance quotes for a single individual.

Website# of PlansPricesAdditional Notes 21 21 plans - 4 Dental plans, 17 HMO and PPO's. Taking a closer look at the so-called "Value" PPO and Indemnity plans, while they were the least expensive of this plan type, they offered 0% coverage for crowns and orthodontic work. The problem with this is that some of the plans with 0% coverage were asking for as much as $40 a month in premium payments. Their filling coverage ranged between a very low 25% and 50%, so you may be forced to do a preestimate before receiving treatments for simple cavities. Not Recommended Unknown Unknown You mst provide information for healh insurance, before you can get insurance quotes for dental insurance. Not Recommended 16 $6.95-$59.65 A quick zipcode entry gave me 16 results of plans (dental plans, dental insurance and indemnity (fee for service, hmo, ppo's) plans with plan maximums, deductibles and waiting periods, if applicable. The summaries also included of the charges for cleanings, fillings, crowns and root canals. Recommended N/A N/A Leads you to a dental network, not actual tools for receiving quotes. Not Recommended 2 $60.50-$173.60 Very expensive month rates. Not a lot of choices, overpriced premiums. Not Recommended N/A N/A Leads you to a dental network, not actual tools for receiving quotes. Not Recommended 13 $11.48-$59.65 13 plans (1 dental plan, HMO's, PPO's underwritten by Delta Dental, Nationwide and IHC Group with deductibles, co-insurance and annual maximums (from $500- $2,000). This site asked for a little more info (Gender, DOB, Tobacco Use, if you were a college student). Not sure if the rates would increase or decrease based upon this additional info. Not Sure. With only 3 companies managing the dental insurance, there may not be room to negotiate better rates. 6 $42.45-$52.52 Not a lot of choices (3 Indemnity and 3 PPO plans). All underwritten by one company (Serenity Life Insurance Company of America). To add insult, you must pay an additional $20 application fee if you choose to purchase from them. And - they ask for an additional $7.81 a month if you want vision coverage. Not Recommended

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