Looking For Some Help, Please

I am hoping that maybe someone can help me to help fixing my teeth. I have no job, but I did have a nice smile. I have extreme gum disease and using tobacco for 20 years, but haven't in 4 years now, has caused me to have really bad gums and soft, brittle teeth. I wait tables for a living, but my confidence and employability is shattered! I have one crooked front tooth that is wanting to fall out, and several broken and split teeth that are visable. I live in the Bowling Green, Ky. area. I was hoping that maybe some how I could be someone's patient to take their exam on in exchange for getting my teeth pulled. My mother had this done years ago (about 30) somewhere in the Carolina's. I would appreciate any help that I can get so that I can get back to work and become a productive member of society again. Thank you!

Scott Kennie
Cave City, Ky, USA

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