Mentally Ill, On Disability, Need Dental Work

I am a 46 yr old mentally ill female who has been on disability for my illnesses most of my adult life. As many dentists know, psychiatric medications are very hard on one's teeth. I have had no dental coverage for years now. Because I do not have children (a choice not to pass my MI on to a child), I am not eligible for any help I have been able to find.

One of my molars has broken off. I saw a dentist for a brief exam. Apparently, my whole mouth is full of decay (mostly due to the psychiatric meds). This is such a shame because when I was married or under my parents' care, I kept up regular dental care & paid $1000's on braces, root canals, crowns, etc.

I am going to need several extractions and a dental bridge (at least one). I am asking for any help any dentist can give. I will appreciate it very much.

Atlanta, GA

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