Multiple Abscesses

I have an emergency situation regarding my brother. He is 46, severely Bi-Polar, and suffering with immense pain. He has no finances available to assist him in getting this emergency situation taken care of. Does anyone out there have a heart?

This is the worst I've seen, some of the dental abcesses are decayed all the way down to the gumline and they're all black. We have searched high and low, Dental Colleges, etc., but nowhere can we find free dental work. We were severely neglected as children and never taken to a Doctor or Dentist.

PLEASE Help ASAP. He is in The Greenville, TX area, Hunt County, but can get anywhere in the Metroplex if we can find a good hearted Dentist to help him immediately. This is a dire situation and I fear for his health. I had an abscess when I was 16 that almost reached my brain, my whole side of my face was as big as a mid sized balloon with the abscess all the way to my forehead. The Dentist told me if I had waited one more day I would've been dead! I can even imagine the pain he is in as I can remember what I went through.
Please help.

Hunter County, TX

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