My Husband Has Major Dental Problems

My husband Spencer has major dental problems. We are a very low income family. I only receive SS which is less than $9000 a year and his is less than $5000.

My husband has several teeth that have chipped off and others that are only partial teeth below the gum line. He is in pain much of the time and has difficulty eating anything but soft foods. He is a retired military reserve, but the VA has done nothing to help him as he is only 58 years old. Spencer had a heart attack last year and was told by the military doctor that his dental problems would not be good for his health. Unfortunately, that doctor was not willing or able to give him any help with the dental needs. I heard from friends that there are some Dental Schools and Clinics that offer zero payment or cost very little.

I believe that Spencer would benefit from having his teeth surgically removed and replaced with a full set of dental dentures.

Riverton, WY

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